Hearing Loops can be used in a commercial or residential setting and work in any style of building. Learn more about Loops.


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“I LOVE the loop!  At home when watching TV, I can hear every word that’s said – even in the made for TV movies, where there’s always a lot of background music.  My husband is a lot happier too, since now with the loop, he’s not blasted out of the room whenever the TV is on.  Going to performances at the Woodlands is great!  We both can enjoy the performances without me constantly asking, “What did they say?”  I absolutely LOVE my loop!!!”

Donna Arfsten

Hot Springs Village

Quick Overview

Doctors of Audiology

As Doctors of Audiology, we have the expertise necessary to assist those with hearing aids to be able to properly use the loop system.

Eliminates Background Noise

When the T-coil is activated in the hearing aid, feedback and background noise is eliminated or greatly reduced which results in a clearer signal from the source of the sound.

Where should loops be installed?

Extended time induction hearing loops are appropriate for public venues (commercial use), such as churches, auditoriums, meeting rooms and concert halls.

How much does a loop system cost?

A customized quote will be provided for each building and our professional installers will typically complete the installation in a couple of days.

About Loops

Hearing Loops can be used in a commercial or residential setting and work in any style of building. In both the commercial and residential systems, the loop signal is picked up by a small coil of wire inside the hearing aid called a T-Coil.

The signal from the loop plays through the customized hearing aid programming. An Induction Loop system eliminates background noise and echo by sending the audio signal directly to the hearing aid.


I wear hearing aids and Northside Church of Christ was recently looped.  Before looping I missed a lot of church and now I can hear everything!!!  Thanks for the LOOP!!!

Tammy Givens

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