What they say about us?

Loop today. Hear Tomorrow! Arkansas Loops is a subsidiary of Saline Audiology.

My hearing loss started back in the 1990’s.  I have had three hearing aids with the last two from Saline Audiology.  My newest set is about three months old am I am so very pleased with them.  It is so convenient to adjust with the button on each hearing aid or with the remote control.  It has the Loop feature which I would greatly enjoy if my church is ever equipped with the Loop.  Because of the special attention that I received from Saline Audiology, my quality of life has greatly improved.  I can now enjoy conversations in group settings with background noise.

Thank you Dr. Lisa and all the friendly staff at Saline Audiology.


I wear hearing aids and Northside Church of Christ was recently looped.  Before looping I missed a lot of church and now I can hear everything!!!  Thanks for the LOOP!!!


Tammy Givens

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