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Church installs Hearing Loop

East Union Missionary Baptist Church in Hensley, Arkansas, recently had a hearing loop installed for the hearing impaired hearing aid wearers in the congregation.

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Hearing Loops

A hearing loop provides significantly enhanced functionality for hearing aids and cochlear implants. *Even with the most up-to-date technology, hearing aids and cochlear implants cannot ...

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FUMC Article on Hearing Loop

The sanctuary at First United Methodist Church Benton now offers an enhanced worship experience for attendees who use hearing aids or cochlear implants: a “hearing ...

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Hearing Loop Sign

If you see the following sign in a church, theater or other business; you will know the venue has a hearing loop. If you have ...

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Arkansas Loops

 Arkansas Loops is a division of Saline Audiology. Follow the link below to the website for Arkansas Loops.  http://www.arkansasloops.com/ For questions about a home or ...

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