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Hearing Loops Make It Easier To Hear With Hearing Aids

Recently, friends from the New York City, Boston and neighboring areas – all members the Hearing Loss Association of America – saw a first run performance of the-award winning show “Hamilton” in New York. Sitting in a special section of the theater with hearing aids and cochlear implants, they heard every word of dialogue clearly.

In June of this year, I performed with Canadian colleague, Gael Hannan, in her one woman show “Life with a Cranky Cochlear” at the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) national convention in Salt Lake City. Gael and I both have significant hearing losses. While she spoke, I was at the piano ready to hit my cues to accompany her monologue. In order to do that we needed to hear each other perfectly. We did. And the performance in a huge ballroom with more than 500 guests went off without a hitch.

Hearing Loop Piano Show
Performing “in the loop” at HLAA

What happened in both cases was the miracle of the “audio induction loop” – an assistive listening service (ALS) technology widely used in Europe and increasingly here in the US.

The Future of Hearing Loops

The experts suggest the following advances in hearing loop systems technology may appear sooner than later:

  • Higher fidelity telecoils that increase the numbers of hearing aid users seeking more from dispensers and manufacturers
  • Telecoils more readily available in all types of hearing aids
  • Automatic telecoils that are triggered by induction loop ALS as well as telephones
  • New standards governing the installation and performance of induction loop ALS in the United States
  • Better means for measuring and verifying the installation and performance criteria
  • Low-cost measurement equipment and concise guidelines
  • Greater integration of microprocessor electronics and digital signal processing becoming more commonplace.
  • New ambient electromagnetic interference cancellation technologies
  • Use of induction loop ALS and hearing aid compatible telephones in environments with high electrical noise.

Do you know of a church, a school, a venue in your community that could benefit from hearing loop system? Speak up and contact your local hearing loss support group for a referral.

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