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Utah Venue Is Making Theater More Accessible

Listen Loop enables theaters to provide a complete experience for every audience member

by Jennifer Durrant

Do you have trouble hearing sometimes, maybe it sounds like people mumble? Or is your hearing problem more profound, and you wear a hearing aid? Well, you’re in good company. About 48 million Americans — 20 percent — have some level of hearing impairment. And if you’re older than 65, one in three Americans has hearing loss. Plus,15 percent of children are impacted by hearing impairment.

Hearing problems can make life more difficult. When your hearing is bad, it can be hard to interact with people around you, and enjoying movies or theater performances is nearly impossible. But a theater in Utah is making a difference, with hearing solutions for everyone.

“We feel like theater — really well done — offers a much-needed escape in an ever-busier world,” said Quinn Dietlein, Hale Centre Theatre’s development director and annual giving manager. “We also feel that this opportunity should be available to as many people as possible.”

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Thrive Global published April 2, 2018

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